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We want to make sure the park saves your little one from boredom so we have these games provided on the patio. Don't let boredom ruin your park adventure. Join us on the patio and let the games begin! See your little ones' faces light up with joy as they experience a day filled with laughter and play.

Horseshoe Pit.jpg
Corn Hole

Watch them giggle with delight as they aim for the target and score big!

Paddle Ball

Get ready for laughter and giggles as they bounce those balls!


It's time for some friendly competition! See who can toss those horseshoes like a champ!

family fun time

Looking for a fun-filled day with your active family? Check out these great places nearby

Kanab Town Park is just a 5 mins drive

Ball Field

the park has a ball field for some friendly games and team sports!

Swimming Pools

Dive into fun at our refreshing pools! Whether it's a relaxing swim or playful splashing, our pools are perfect for beating the summer heat.

Skateboard Park

the skateboard park will challenge your skills and provide hours of thrilling fun.

Picnic Paradise

Pack your favorite snacks and treats because the park has the perfect picnic spots waiting for you! 

The Reservoir is just a 5 mins drive

Picnic Paradise

Enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by nature's beauty and your loved ones.


the skateboard park will challenge your skills and provide hours of thrilling fun.


the reservoir offers well-stocked fishing waters, teeming with bass and trout!

Rock Climbing

For adventurous souls, they have man-made rock formations for anexhilarating rock climbing experience! 


they embrace the tranquility of non-motorized boats. Glide peacefully across the waters with kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, rowboats

Walking Trail

Take a walk in natural wonder as you embark on a scenic and breathtaking 3-mile walking trail and enjoy the calming sounds of nature.

Sandy Beach

Dive into the refreshing waters of the reservoir! Whether it's swimming laps or just splashing around,

Sand Volleyball

Relax on the sandy shores or challenge your family to a friendly game of sand volleyball. Fun and sun await!

games for sale

No need to worry about packing toys, we've got you covered with a selection of games available for purchase:


A classic card game that's perfect for family fun.

Tumbling Wooden Tower

Test their concentration and steady hand with this stacking game!


Roll the dice and see who can shout "Yahtzee" first!


A great opportunity to teach strategy and critical thinking.

Wooden Boggle.jpg

Encourage their word-finding skills in this exciting word game.

phase 10.jpg
Phase 10

A card game full of twists and turns that everyone will enjoy!

playing cards.jpg
Playing Cards

So many games to play with a simple deck of cards!

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